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Paper, linen, water, wind, wood
Installation (bamboo sticks, linen strings, paper), dimensions variable

Additional Information:
This video documents the installation while being available for view at Albano lake (Castel Gandolfo, Rome, Italy). The installation was available only for a limited amount of time in an outdoor natural context, then it was dismantled as it was not meant to endure in the landscape. The possibility of being shown in a gallery/museum context comes through the video of the installation and some of the materials composing the work: the paper sheets are exposed to the natural elements, and they can be shown (framed) with the results of the wind’s, rain’s, and dust’s action on them. This work is meant to evoke a poetic and fragile image of the possibility of hanging in the balance between two potentially problematic situations (if the paper soaks in the water, it will tear apart and the water will be affected too by becoming dirty). The paper sheets are placed such that they only touch the water slightly on the surface and are never immersed. The action of the wind creates movement, which is in contrast to this standstill situation.