Lunaria Annua
Suspended Sculpture (lunaria seed pods, artist’s hair)
Dimensions variable

A challenging process-based work, in this suspended sculpture I intertwined wild-foraged lunaria seed membranes with individual strands of my own hair. Echoing Sisyphus’s labor-intensive and seemingly pointless task, yet the ephemeral aesthetic of the materials suggests a narrative that speaks to a search for meaning, and the poetic resilience that lies beneath life’s ephemerality.

The nature of materials, apparently fragile, but that conceals strength, becomes an exploration of the interplay between vulnerability and endurance often embedded in the human condition.

The membrane that composes the sculpture is a sturdy outer layer that contains and protects the seeds. This protective seed capsule is formed by two membranes, and when it opens, the seeds are released. I found them in the forest once this cycle was completed, remnants from the natural life cycle of the plant. They endured heavy rain and wind, and the elements. Human hair, too, despite its fragility, can be surprisingly strong, withstanding a fair amount of stress.