Amazing Nature

March 4 – December 31, 2023
KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad – Gjessøvej 40, 8600 Silkeborg (Denmark)

Francesca Virginia Coppola
From lake Ørnsø, 2022
Assemblage (natural materials and organic pigment on canvas)


The exhibition AMAZING NATURE is a showcase of contemporary art that delves into our relationship with nature. The exhibition is being held at the Silkeborg Bad Art Centre in Denmark and features works from more than 30 international contemporary artists. The focal point of the exhibition is to captivate and challenge our view of nature through the eyes of these artists.

Francesca Virginia Coppola‘s contribution to the exhibition is focused on utilizing natural materials collected from the forest and the lake path surrounding the art center. The materials were found on the ground and were carefully collected without altering the landscape. With the gathered materials, she created a series of 23 artworks entitled ‘From lake Ørnsø’. In each artwork, Coppola presents a natural element and its corresponding pigment. The pigment was extracted from the element by hand in her studio and was used to create rectangular and circular forms. 

From Lake Ørnsø” aims to highlight the powerful connection between art and nature and the diversity that the natural environment can provide. By highlighting the differences in color and texture of each element, the artist hopes to evoke a sense of appreciation and wonder for the natural world. Each element produces a different color for the pigment, resulting in a range of organic shades in the final artworks. The process of extracting the pigments also emphasises the importance of human interaction with nature and the role it plays in shaping our understanding and relationship with the environment. 

Through the use of raw materials found in the surrounding area, Francesca Virginia Coppola invites visitors to reflect on the beauty and complexity of the natural world and encourages them to appreciate the importance of preserving it.

The exhibition AMAZING NATURE includes a diverse and wide representation of works: guests visiting the exhibition will have a holistic experience, with site-specific works in dialogue with the spirit of the place or the concrete spatial possibilities. Participating artists: A Kassen (DK), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Antti Laitinen (FI), Berit Nørgaard (DK), Bo Jessen Fogh Laursen (DK), Camilla Berner (DK), Cecilia Westerberg (DK), Christian Partos (SE), Chris Watson (UK), Espen Tollefsen (NO), Filippa Berglund (SE/DK), Francesca Virginia Coppola (IT), Henrique Oliveira (UK/BR), Herb Parker (US), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK), Jens Gregersen (DK), Joan Hall (US), Julia Adzuki (AUS) & Katrine Faber (DK), Jørn Rønnau (DK), Karin Lorentzen (DK), Karina Chechik (ARG), Karoline Hjorth (NO) & Riitta Ikonen (FI), Kristina Kvalvik (NO), Lene Vidding (DK), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK), Lærke Lauta (DK), Magnus Fisker (DK), Maja Ingerslev (DK), Noelia Mora Solvez (ES/DK), Oddvar I. N. Daren (NO), Roland Persson (SE), Signe Parkins (DK), Studio Thinking Hand (AUS & DK), Volodymyr Podlevsky (UKR).

In addition to the exhibition, the art center will also host a pre-exhibition phase, “Open Assembly” from January 21 to March 3, 2023, during which visitors can watch the artists and exhibition technicians collaborate and prepare the exhibition. This is a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition-making process and to ask questions about the upcoming show.

Throughout the year, the art center Silkeborg Bad will also host a variety of special events, including lectures, debates, artist workshops, and guided tours. With a focus on contemporary art, nature and sustainability, the exhibition “Amazing Nature” is a must-see for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. For more information, click here.